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Varmam points are the vital points which present all over the body. They are in the pathway of dhasanaadi, dhasavayu, saram. They pass the pranan energy from sole of the foot to universe through the nose. The naadis present in the forehead are 7000, in both ears 3300, in both eyes 4000, in nose 3380, in pidari and shoulder region 6000. According to "Narambu Vagada Soothiram Thiravukol", literature's uniqueness stands for it's quotes regarding of:

  • 32 Urruppukal
  • Narambukal
  • Narambu Suzhikal
  • Narambu Mudichugal
  • 72,000 Nadikal
  • 64 Kalaikal (with several sub-branches of unique Kalaikal)
  • Aagaa kaalam
  • Parisothanai kaalam
  • Mudiyatra kaalam
  • Meitheenda kaalam
  • 4448 Noikal
  • Sara Otta Pathaigal

We never teach Practicuum 'Practical Varma Kalai Training' to non-medical personnel.

ONLY Doctors/Medical Personnel, may contact us directly for practical training. Required to undergo Medical-verification process and training will be 2 years with training fees at USD$4,000/year (TOTAL FEES: USD$8,000). Practitioners must ready to performing LOCUM at our centre (Handling varma patient) during month end of training. Upon completion our trainings, we will issue International Certification of Varma Kalai Graduate with paid job opportunity (relocation):

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