Varma Kalai - Arm

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Important : QUALIFIED VARMA GURU (INSTRUCTOR) GUIDANCE REQUIRED PRIOR TO PRACTICE THIS ARTS. Below information and essential knowledge were shared for everyone, therefore copy / ammend of any information strictly not allowed.

    English pronunciation : ɑːm / ɑrm / Spelled [ahrm] /
    Sanskrit संस्कृतम् : भुजः baahu : arm // bhujau / bhuja (upper arms) // karau (lower arms) // bhujaasana (arm posture) // keyuura : armlet ( bracelet worn on upper arm ) // Hand करः Karah , Hasta // agrakara : the fore , part of the hand , finger // baaNapaaNiM : with hand holding arrow ( and Bow ) // Banahastah - With arrows in his hand // Finger अङ्गुली aNgula , Anguli // Anaamika : name of ring finger // kanishhThikaa : little finger // मणिबन्धः ( maNibandhaH ) : wrist // मणिबन्धास्थि maNibandhaasthi (wrist bone) // कूर्परः ( kuurparaH ) : elbow // कूर्परम् kuurparam (elbow) // कफ़ोणिः kafoNiH (elbow) // kalkuSI : or wrist and elbow /
    Tamil தமிழ் : கை (Kai) /
    Bahasa Melayu : Lengan /
    Malayalam : കൈ (Kai) /
    Telugu : భుజం (Bhujaṁ) /
    Français : Bras (segment de membre)

    Varmam Point Hand

    Vital Points - Part of Human body

    Varma Points Description Notes
    Kawli Kaalam Cephalic vein between bone joint of thumb and index finger -back of palm / hand  
    Vedi Pirlgai Varmam Dorsal venous network / Dorsal Metacarpal Vein inbetween knucle bone of middle finger ( akash ) and ring finger ( Prithvi or Pṛthivī )  

    Varmam Point Palm Arm

    Vital Points - Part of Human body

    Varma Points Description Notes
    Tarchanai Kaalam Joint of middle finger's digital vein and superficial palmar venous arch  
    Ullenggai Vellai Varmam Deep palmar venous arch at center of palm inline with thumb  
    Mani Bantha Varmam Median vein of forearm at center of wrist joint  
    Sudothri Varmam Radial vein  
    Teetha Varmam Cephalic vein  
    Mootu Varmam Median cubital vein at joint of inner elbow  
    Savvu Varmam between brachial vein and basilic vein ( splits ) of Axillary vein at front of shoulder / arm joints socket